Sterns – Whitsunday – Oval Deep End


Whitsunday Oval Swimming Pool

Get a quality salt water family pool in your backyard ready for summer with Pool Land’s Sterns quality Whitsunday Water Pool Package.

All liners of our Sterns Pools are made from true 0.5mm heavy duty material and are backed by our 10 years limited warranty. For all our heavy duty vinyl liners the vinyl is laser cut with precision, hand finished, inspected for all our heavy duty vinyl liners, and moulded into specific dimensions for each pool.

Inside the Pool Package

All our pools come with a complete installation manual and a package that includes the following:

  • Stern’s Pool
  • Waterco sand filter
  • 1 HP Pool Pump
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Skimmer box
  • Eyeball return

Features to look out for

  • Slimline Resin top coping and posts maintain the strength of the pool and are perfect for under-deck installation.
  • 1.37m wall height
  • Marine grade nuts and bolts ,designed for use around water.
  • Pool walls are manufactured in Australia from Australian BlueScope Colorbond galvanised steel.
  • Manufactured specifically for Salt Water use.

Installation Process

Sterns Pools are engineered for maximum strength and durability and offer the choice of installation above ground, semi in ground and fully in ground. These pools are easily installed by a handy person. Due to strong construction they do not require concreting when installing. (If installing in ground any back filling required will need sand/cement stabilisation). If required we are able to install the pools for you within the Canterbury region, for an additional charge.

In case of support required for installation, you can contact us via phone, email, or in store.

What are Modular Pool

What was once called above-ground pools are now called by a more technical term called ‘Modular’. However, the definition is not limited to that anymore. Pool Land provides you with modular pools that come in different sizes, shapes and depths. This creates an affordable and versatile option for pools which are quick and easy to install.

Our Sterns Pools are highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for saltwater or liquid chlorine. This has been achieved by replacing traditional metallic components with resin parts and adding extra protection to any non-replaceable metallic components. We have a 10 year limited warranty and are sure to give you years of pleasure.

Here are the different types of pools we have available:

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