Floating tyre pool thermometer


Floating tyre thermometer – includes rope for fastening


Temperature range – 0 – 40 degrees celcius

【Easy to Read】This Swimming Pool Thermometer has a large and clear dial, you can clearly see the temperature value, which is convenient for your use.
【Easy to Use】This Thermometer has accurate and reliable temperature readings yet easy to use, you can easily use it to measure water temperature.
【Floating Pool Thermometer】This round head Pool Thermometer can float on the water surface, making it easy to observe the water temperature, and comes with a high-quality durable tether to prevent it from floating away. Patio, Lawn & Garden/Farm Ranch/Agriculture Grounds Management/Ponds/Test Kits Thermometers
【Durable Material】This Pool Thermometer is made of high-quality PVC and stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, you can use it to measure the water temperature of indoor and outdoor swimming pools for a long time.
【Multi-purpose】This Pool Thermometer is widely used in all outdoor and indoor swimming pools, baby tubs, spas, hot tubs, aquariums and fish ponds, etc.