AquaChek White (Salt test strips)


For use with salt chlorine generators

Test for salt as Sodium Chloride (range 400-7,000 ppm)

Flip- can dispenser – 10 test strips per pack

  • Three easy steps
  1. FIll a small vial with a sample of pool or spa water
  2. Insert lower end of strip into water and wait until yellow completion string turns dark
  3. Compare the results on the strip to the number scale on the label
  • Fast, easy and accurate
  • AquaChek White test strips uniquely simplify an otherwise complicated testing operation. Unlike other test kits, the AquaChek White strops will give you a specific reading of the salt level in your water
  • With our unique titrator, test the level of salt as sodium chloride. Maintaining an ideal level of salt will allow your chlorine generator to operate efficiently.