Austral Solar – Solar Control System


The Austral Solar AS1D Temperature Differential Controller (TDC) will activate your solar pump in accordance to solar efficiencies while providing all relevant temperatures at a glance (Pool/Roof/Set)


The Austral Solar Control AS1D offers many innovations not seen in other products on the market and is fully automated with pre-defined programming procedures which further increase its efficiency and ensures the need for minimal manual intervention.  Some of the features of the Austral Solar Control system are:

  • Automated Test Pattern
  • Relay Protection
  • Pump Protection
  • Sensor Error Alert
  • Sample & Hold Temperature Display
  • Operating Modes: Auto, Manual and Standby Mode

Our Solar Controls are very user-friendly and with three integrated LED display panels it is possible to accurately set the desired temperature to exactly the level you are interested in.  Our LED displays are visible even in direct sunlight, and provide you with information about the Pool Temperature and the Roof Temperature and with the easy to follow instructions printed right on the face of the unit, you never have to worry about getting it wrong.

All of our Solar Controls come with a two year manufactures warranty against workmanship or defects and knowing that you have purchased your unit from a company that not only designed but also built it, ensures that if you ever do have a problem we will be able to provide you with full support for years to come!  In addition our Controllers have been manufactured with technological advancements in mind and therefore can be updated with new versions of software once developed.


Input: 230/240V AC 50Hz

Output: 230/240V AC 50Hz 10A